The Eleventh International Workshop on
Accelerators and Hybrid Emerging Systems

To be held in conjunction with
35th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium
Virtual Event (May 17-21, 2021)


IPDPS 2021

The development of ever larger and more energy-efficient computer systems in recent years has led to more and more systems with heterogeneous computing units (CPUs, GPUs or FPGAS) and systems with heterogeneous storage systems (High Memory Bandwidth). With the rise of persistent memory, attached to the PCIe bus or to the memory DIMMs, the border between storage and memory becomes more and more fluid. Other systems offer different types of compute nodes, so that a group of nodes build the accelerator (modular supercomputing). Hierarchical storage architectures, for example using burst buffers, try to overcome the IO problems. Programming such a system can be a real challenge along with locality, scheduling, load balancing, concurrency and so on.

This workshop focuses on understanding the implications of accelerators and heterogeneous designs on the hardware systems, porting applications, performing compiler optimizations, and developing programming environments for current and emerging systems. It seeks to ground accelerator research through studies of application kernels or whole applications on such systems, as well as tools and libraries and runtime systems that improve the performance and productivity of applications on these systems.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners who are involved in application studies for accelerators and other heterogeneous systems, to learn the opportunities and challenges in future design trends for HPC applications and systems.

Important Dates (AoE)

Paper Submission: January 25, 2021 February 1, 2021

Paper Notification: February 28, 2021

Camera-ready Submission: March 15, 2021

Journal Special Issue

The best papers of AsHES 2021 will be invited to a Special Issue on Topics on Heterogeneous Computing of the Elsevier International Journal on Parallel Computing (PARCO) (special issues list).

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